About Us

Longhorn Ranch General StoreThe Longhorn Ranch Grill and General Store originally opened in 1977 as The Double Barrel Steak House & Bar and Texas Store. The prime steaks were cooked over an open pit of mesquite wood and the bar was the very first in Frisco. The store sold Texas shirts and live Texas bands played every weekend in the restaurant. Patrons drove from DFW and surrounding Metroplex to dine, drink great wines and dance! We were located on Main Street just off of HWY 289. Downtown Frisco had just one flashing light back then!

In 2000 Double Barrel was renamed and relocated on US Highway 377 in Whitesboro, Texas. After promptly gaining a reputation for offering excellent food, awards such as "Restaurant of the Year" were bestowed upon the facility. In addition, "Texas Highways" magazine visited the restaurant, tried the food, and quickly included us in their magazine, twice!

In January 2007 we were on the "grow" again, relocating to HWY 82 between Sherman and Gainesville. The Longhorn Ranch General Store is now 9,000 sq ft filled with the fine Texas made furniture and accessories that you have come to love. The store includes a "Wall of Crosses" (all beautifully handmade), Western Art, Montana Jewelry, Antler Furniture & Chandeliers, Texas Ornaments, Stars, Stars, and more Stars, and Outside Yard Art and Animals.
Longhorn Ranch General Store
In order to make room for our always expanding inventory, we closed the grill in March of 2010.

The Longhorn Ranch Dedication. The words "Western Heritage" evoke different memories in all of us. To the owner of The Longhorn Ranch, better known as Longhorn Toni, "Western Heritage" is the memory of cattle drives across the United States. The simple vision of strong men, women and children working cattle and steers; creating a legacy for future generations is what Longhorn Toni wishes to share with everyone. As a tribute to the courage of the pilgrims before us, The Longhorn Ranch General Store is dedicated in their honor.

The Longhorn Ranch Pasture. The love displayed in this photo of Longhorn Ranch owner, Toni Pryor, feeding her most cherished longhorn is the reason for the creation of the Longhorn Ranch Pasture. Longhorn Toni continues to spread the word about the history of the longhorn in honor of her beloved cow.